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Who Am I?

My name is Rafael Santos, I'm 20 years old and I'm from this beautifull country, PORTUGAL. If you have not guessed by now, I am a full time Web Developer and most of my work is freelancing stuff. I'm currently taking a pre-degree in Construction and Website Administration, as this is my passion. I love logic and this kind of challenges, I guess that this quality is the reason because you are here in my Website and Portfolio.

So, I have four years experience as a web/back-end developer, at school, internship, personal works and 4 months freelancing. I like clean designs and clean code, so I always try to be organized and very clean in my methods. I always look to do stuff, the easiest way for the client(sometimes the hardest for me).

Services I will help you with

As a back-end developer I use MVC structures, I'm very familiarized with CakePHP and CodeIgniter, if you want me to use another language it will take time, but not much because I'm a fast learner. I also know a little bit of Wordpress.

For visual stuff, appart from HTML5 nad CSS, I know jQuery, Javascript and other css and javascript frameworks. I can do good stuff with Adobe Photoshop too, because I started very soon and learned everything I know for myself, looking onto Youtube and many other websites.

I will give to you, some tips and advice for a good branding plan, and once again, everything I know in this department I learned from myself and working experience.

About my Goals

There are so many things that I need to achieve before dying. In terms of Web Development, I will build my company from scratch and have a nice group of friends working with me by my ideas, of course I'm no dictator, everyones opinion counts. This company will work in personal projects such as a Social Network I have in mind for years, but never had the courage to do it all by myself, and will work in some other projects from companies, poeples, events. This is my carreer goal.

Unfortenly, I never went traveling outside of Portugal (sad face). So I have a list of places to visit, and I'll add more and more here as I remember or as I get to know the existence of a new cool place. So, on top of my list is Peshawar in Pakistan(it started as a joke), bur maybe I'll save this one for "last", London, Paris, Italy in general, Moscow, Mount Roraima in Venezuela, New York, Canada in general... and more that I can't remember right now.

As you can see, I'll have a busy life, but thats awesome and I'm very excited

Some Working Experience...


CET - Construction and Website Administration V (From 2013 to 2015)


IT Technician Course IV (From 2008 to 2011)


~~Work Experience

Web Developer & Web Designer (From 2014 to 20..)


Freelancing Web Developer & Web Designer (From 11/2011 to 01/2012)


Finally, my Portfolio...

SIT Festival - Translation @Velcro Design

One of my first projects at Velcro Design, I use their translation system to simply make the same for this website.

CodeIgniter MVC Multilingual

Real Abadia Hotel - @Velcro Design

Using a microframework to create an evaluation form for the tablet of this Hotel. My first work at Velcro Design.

FatFree Framework PHP Responsive jQuery Mobile

Pencil Webstudio - Backend Development

Project made with CodeIgniter as primary language. For the start up company with the same name, Pincel Webstudio.

CodeIgniter MVC HMTL5 CSS3

Academia Cidadã - PSD to HTML5 @Velcro Design

My work here consisted in converting the PSD template that Velcro's designer made and pass it to HTML5 integrated in the CodeIgniter Backend.

HMTL5 CSS3 CodeIgniter MVC

Correr o Mundo - Backend Development @Modular Studio

Here I worked with CakePHP, I helped the team of Modular Studio to finish this projects backoffice and gave some feedback as an outsider.


Trancing Project Tumblr & Branding

Branding of this Team and development of their Tumblr page. As a team member it was the least I can do for the sake of Tracing Project.

Tumblr Logo HMTL CSS Design

...and more of my Stuff!

SweetChic Events - Branding

This project was made for a starting company that do events such as birthday parties, weddings and that kind of stuff. This here, is the business card.

Photoshop Branding Business Card

Pencil Webstudio - Branding

I've created their logo with a nice look with colors that give us the idea of trust, happyness and a modern look.

Illustrator Branding

VJ Lazaar Logo

This was my first paid job as a Designer. I've done something simple as asked and tried to work with the meaning of VJ.

Branding Logo Photoshop

Virtual Fury eSports - Branding

Apart from this Logo that I'm very proud, I've also done some wallpapers and banner for their website.

Branding Logo Wallpaper Photoshop

Contact me (you know you want to)

Send me an E-mail


(351) 917 734 414


Casal Caniçal, Moita dos Ferreiros, EN361 Nr15, Portugal

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