About Rafael Santos

Hey you! Welcome to my website and portfolio! My name is Rafael Santos(you can call me Rafael or just Rafa, if you prefer). I am a Webdeveloper, mainly PHP and MVC frameworks. Usually Laravel, CodeIgniter, Fat-Free Framework and even jQuery and other frontendish things.

You may know me by my vendor name, Lod or Devlod since I made some projects with that nickname. Some examples of that are Cleantabs and LOD framework, this last I'm still working on it. I don't design, I code!

Programming with Style

I'm an economic guy(maybe a little cheaskate), and thats a cool quality to have when you are a programmer, because you always want to have less and less code do to the same. Thats a quality that indirectly makes me be more organized, methodic and oriented. Whal I always try to do is having the less repeated code, like the DRY concept. Why having more code if you can have less and it gets you more advantages.

When I'm coding, I see every task as a challenge that I have to face and beat it, and all the small tasks are part of a bigger project in my mind. It automatically divides in my head, with priorities and deadlines. Lets say that I'm a bit of a maniac for organization, but in a good way, I think.

As you can see by this fantastic chart in the right, I code in PHP and use some frameworks with the MVC concept. Thats what I like to do... Develop apps or websites from the beginning to the end. But has a PHP developer, I also enjoy a nice jQuery challenge.

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